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Eco Camp: health resort in the mountains

This is an amazing place of pure nature on the slope of a mountain in Belbek valley, perfect for those who want to gain knowledge on the way of holistic development.

Eco Camp Team it’s a group of young positive people, inspired by a common goal of self-improvement.

Our aims:

  • To create a positive atmosphere and comfortable environment for training and efficient work on yourself in harmony with nature
  • To engage with worldwide leading masters to share knowledge, experience and power of inspiration to all who follow the path of holistic development
  • To organize activities for the growth of your awareness, healthy lifestyle and gratitude to nature

Our values – a life in joy and harmony, holistic development, health and self-improvement, purification, knowledge exchange.
There is an amazing variety of different exercises and ways in the world on how to improve yourself. Each and every practice is unique, so everyone will find the perfect one.

So we created Eco Camp, which brings together many movements, not to look for differences, but to create one clean and bright space.
Eco Camp space is fully equipped for the participants:

  • Sphere with a view to the Crimean Mountains
  • A large wooden lounge in the organic apple garden.
  • Vegetarian café
  • Tea house and playground

To work with children we invite professional teachers. While parents are busy at seminars and trainings in our center, kids are in safe loving hands.

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